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International Summer School
The International Summer School(ISS) program at the University of Seoul (UOS)
was first established in 2000, and it has provided international students
with a great opportunity to learn about Korean culture and tradition.
Reorganized in 2005, the ISS has been receiving an increased amount of
fund from the Seoul Metropolitan Government and offers various incentives
to the participants coming from not only the partner universities but also
many prestigious universities over the world.
  • About the Program
  • Program Calendar
  • Eligibility & Application
  • Course List
  • Scholarship & Fees
  • Housing
  • About the Program
    • UOS Buddy Program!
      • UOS offers a buddy program for international students. The buddies are UOS Korean students who help international students adjust to life in Korea. The UOS buddies offer welcome pickup service at Incheon International Airport, and participate in most of the programs offered by the ISS with all the international students.
    • Mingling with Friends from All over the World!
      • In 2014, you can build a global network by making many friends from Australia, Austria, Brazil,Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Finland,France, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, and more.
    • Chance to Explore southern cities & Jeju Island in Korean
      • A 4-day field trip to Jeju Island in Korea will give you a better understanding about Korea.
    • Various Field Trips and Extracurricular Activities
      • To learn about Korea’s past, present and future,you can experience various kinds of activities while visiting meaningful spots in Korea such as Changdeok Palace (UNESCO World Heritage), Bukchon’s Hanok Village, and JSA (Joint Security Area). Activities like learning Taekwondo (Korean martial arts), making Korean traditional masks, or watching NANTA show will create unforgettable memories as well.
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