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Predeparture & After Arrival information
  • Course Registration
  • Alien Registration
  • Facilities on Campus
  • Housing
  • Housing (as of spring 2011)
    • Type of student housing available Student Dormitory or International House on campus
      * Off-campus housing in under each student's sole responsibility
      Room Type of Student Dormitory Each room of double occupancy, 15 rooms on each of the 7 floors
      - Shower room, Toliet, and Laundry are shared
      - Extension possible during summer or winter vacations
      Fees : 560,000 won/semester+80,000 won deposi = 640,000 won
      * Fees for vacation (about 2 months) : 280,000 won
      * Application for vaction housing takes place before each semester ends.
      Room Type of International House Each unit with 2 rooms / 3 rooms / 4 rooms of single occupancy
      - Living room, Shower room, Toilet, and Laundry are shared.
      - Extension impossible during summer or winter vacations
      * Fees : 800,000 won/semester +80,000 won deposit = 880,000 won

      In both housings, male and female sections are segregated each other.

      We do ask your understanding.
      Allocation will be done on random basis.

      Fees are payable on your arrival at UOS.
      Deposit will be refunded after the fees for usage of facilities are deducted.

    • Room Equipment
      • All rooms are fully equipped with central heating, central air conditioning and free LAN internet access. Every room is double occupancy, which has twin bed, two closets, two desks and chairs.
    • Showers and Toilets
      • Residents share showers and toilets.
    • Bedding
      • Any bedding clothes are not provided, which means that you will need to buy or bring your own pillow, blanket, and other bedding set upon your needs.
    • Central A/C
      • The rooms are centrally air conditioned but students can set the room temperature using the control switch.
    • Electricity/Voltage
      • The electric voltage in Korea is 220V (60hz), and the standards wall socket has two rounded holes. Due to fire hazard reasons, it is not allowed to use cooker, iron or coffeepot in the room.
    • Furniture and Equipment
      • All furniture and equipment in each room should be handled with care. They are prohibited from relocation or replacement without permission. Room furnishing will be inspected at the point of check-in and check-out. Tenants will be responsible for any damages except for natural deterioration that comes with usage.
    • Coin Laundry
      • Located on the basement floor and open 24 hours, students can use washer or dryer for 500 won per load.
    • Gym
      • Located on the basement floor and open 24 hours, students can use many kinds of health training facilities.
    • Fire Prevention
      • Fire extinguishers are located throughout the building. Water sprinkler will start automatically at the sign of smoke. In case of fire, leave the premise as quick as possible through the staircases, which have green exit signs. Do not use the elevators.
    • Emergencies
      • If you are sick late at night, call the dormitory office at #5802, located at the lobby.
    • Keys
      • You are given two keys; one is for door lock and the other is safety lock, which is for access to the building. You are responsible for the keys until you check out and return them to the dormitory office. If you lose a key, please let IICE office know immediately. The dormitory is not responsible for any stolen cash or personal items.
    • Convenience Store
      • Located at the lobby of the Student Dormitory, you can buy some snacks and the necessities.(open 24 hours)
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