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Courses Offered in English
Exchange students can take up to 20 credits for a regular semester
(spring or fall) and up to 8 credits for the International Summer School.
Most of the courses offered during regular semesters are lectured
in Korean, which can be found at
Academics → Course List (each department)
  • Course List
    • The Courses Lectured in English for Regular Semesters
      • Department Courses Credit Semester
        Seminar in Organization Theory 3 Fall
        Comparative Public Administration 3 Spring
        Law Int’l Law of the Sea and the Environment 3 Fall
        Basic Issues in Public Int'l Law 3 Spring
        Special Seminar on Japanese Studies 3 Spring
        Society and Culture of China 3 Spring
        The Political Economy of Int'l Relations 3 Spring
        Special Issues on World Politics 3 Spring
        Key Concept in International Relations 3 Spring
        Political Economy in China 3 Fall
        Principles of Management 3 Sprign/ Fall
        Global Business 3 Sprign/ Fall
        Global Finance 3 Sprign / Fall
        Marketing Management 3 Sprign / Fall
        Production and Operations Management 3 Sprign / Fall
        Consumer Behavior 3 Sprign / Fall
        Organization Behavior 3 Sprign / Fall
        Investment 3 Sprign / Fall
        Accounting Principles 3 Fall
        Management Information System 3 Sprign / Fall
        Statistics for Business 3 Sprign / Fall
        Human Resources Management 3 Spring
        Marketing Strategy 3 Spring
        Electrical and
        Computer Engineering
        Object Oriented Programming 3 Spring
        Engineering Mathematics I 3 Spring
        Digital Communications 3 Spring
        Discrete Mathematics 3 Spring
        Formal Languages and Compilers 3 Spring
        Engineering Mathematics Ⅱ 3 Fall
        Mobile Communications 3 Fall
        Artificial Intelligence 3 Fall
        Date Structure 3 Fall
        Computer Communications 3 Fall
        Communication Engineering 3 Fall
        Materials Science
        and Engineering
        Physical Ceramics 3 Spring
        Ceramic Materials 3 Spring
        Ceramic Processing 3 Spring
        Creative Materials Design 3 Spring
        Engineering and Computer Ⅰ 3 Spring
        Thin Film Materials 3 Fall
        Thermodynamics of Materials 3 Fall
        Computer Programming & Laboratory 3 Fall
        Computer Science Topics in Computer Science 3 Spring
        Artificial Intelligence 3 Fall
        Architecture Community Facility Programming & Design Method 3 Spring
        Architectural Design 6 Spring / Fall
        Building System 3 Fall
        Sustainable Architecture 3 Fall
        Physics Physics English Reading 3 Spring
        English Language
        and Literature
        Introduction to English Drama 3 Spring
        Study in British and American Culture 3 Spring
        English as Global Language 3 Spring / Fall
        English Grammar 3 Spring / Fall
        English Practice 3 Spring
        English Phonetics 3 Fall
        English Writing Ⅰ 3 Fall
        Korean History Theory and Practice of Historical Writing 3 Fall
        Chinese Language and
        Culture (lectured in Chinese)
        Practice in Elementary Chinese I 2 Spring
        Chinese Conversation in Basic Level 3 Spring
        Practical Chinese Conversation 3 Spring / Fall
        Practice in Elementary Chinese Ⅱ 3 Fall
        Chinese Fables and Idiom 3 Fall
        Chinese Composition 3 Fall
        Practical Chinese Conversation 3 Fall
        Introduction to Modern China 3 Fall
        Urban Administration Urban Markets Analysis 3 Spring
        Cities and Economics 3 Fall
        Urban Sociology Comparative Analysis of Cities 3 Spring
        Urban Engineering Urban Economics 3 Fall
        Geo-informatics Geographic Information System I 3 Spring
        Geographic Information System II 3 Fall
        Introduction to 3D GIS 3 Spring
        Material Science and
        Engineering (Graduate School)
        Nano-Structured Ceramics 3 Fall
        Computer Science
        and Statistics (Graduate School)
        Computer Vision 3 Spring / Fall
        Institute of International
        Cooperation and Education
        Special Topics in Korean Studies 3 Spring / Fall
        Special Topics in Asian Studies 3 Spring / Fall
        Beginning Korean Language 3 Spring / Fall
        Intermediate Korean Language 3 Spring / Fall
        Advanced Korean Language 3 Spring / Fall
        Practical Korean Language - Beginning 2 Spring / Fall
        Practical Korean Language - Intermediate 2 Spring / Fall
        Practical Korean Language - Advanced 2 Spring / Fall
        Korean History 3 Spring
        Korean Tradition and Culture 3 Spring
        Korean Politics and Society 3 Spring
        Korean Economy and Business 3 Spring
        Mass Media and Popular Culture in Korea 3 Fall
        Korea and Globalization 3 Fall
        East Asian History 3 Fall
        Economic Development in East Asia 3 Fall
      • The courses are subject to change every semester.
      • The students who register for Beginning Korean Language, Intermediate Korean Language and Advanced Korean Language classes (3 credits) are required to select relevant Practical Korean Language classes (2 credits) as well.
    • The Courses Lectured in English for International Summer School Ⅰ 2011
      • Field Courses Credit
        Asian Studies Korea and Globalization 3
        Political Leadership in East Asia 3
        Asian Art and Architecture 3
        Asian Culture and Cinema 3
        Special Topics in Asian Studies 3
        Exploring Asian Culture 2
        International Studies Economic Analysis for the Global Citizen 3
        International Criminology 3
        Issues in Finance 3
        Special Topics in International Studies 3
        Globalization and Multicultural Societies 3
        Global Marketing Management 3
        Korean Language Beginning Korean Language (1) 3
        Beginning Korean Language (2) 3
        Beginning Korean Language (3) 3
        Intermediate Korean Language 3
      • The courses are subject to change every summer.
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