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Eligibility & Application Process
Exchange students are those who have applied and are nominated by an
overseas university under a formal exchange agreement. Exchange
student candidates can apply through the international office of their
home university. Tuition is paid to the home university, and in most
cases, the application and documentation fee is waived.
Students from UOS partner universities can apply for the UOS student
exchange program. Applications should proceed with the approval of
the international office of the students' home university.
Please ask your international office for details regarding
application procedures.
  • Notes
    • The on-line application form is for selected exchange students only and cannot be used by free
      movers/non-exchange students.
    • Please make sure that you fill in every part of the application form.
    • Also make sure that your computer is connected to a printer.
    • Remember to print the application form and keep it with you for your information.
  • Student Exchange Program Application for Admission
  • Submission Check
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